About Us

With decades of experiences and efforts, between stone quarries and the stone applications for the end users, our company has activities in all parts of the natural stone sector.
In many countries worldwide,we performed projects and their applications. Our company has supplied not only the stones, but also finished the application of the projects with its experienced team. With international activities NILSTONE, not only imports different kinds of granites, marbles, sandstones, limestones or travertines, but also performs transit trades of mentioned natural stones between different countries.

Our staff, with architects, engineers and experienced masters for mechanical and flooring applications, is ready to react quickly for analysing the projects and their applications.

Our company assures quality in production and timely delivery, through solid agreements with the companies in Turkey, Spain, Italy, Brazil and India, which are producing granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and travertine.

Our team had exceptional experience during their professional career, while visiting quarries and factories in different countries, where natural stones are obtained. This fact enables our company to make the necessary and suitable selection of the stones for the project needs.